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In October 2020, we enacted a brand new reviewing criteria & presentation right here on Exclumagazine.com in order to streamline our process and to also provide our audience with the opportunity to leave their own rating & reviews in order to create a general consensus.

In order to help understand exactly what our criteria is and how it all comes together to form our rating, please review the information below :

Sculpt (Out of 5)
The first criteria relates to the sculpting of the figure whether that be a premium scale figure or a more affordable line and here we’re looking for relative quality. This takes into account the facial likeness where relevant but the overall quality of the sculpt across the figure and any accessories that are present too in relation to its price-point to determine a point of value.

Paint Application (Out of 5)
Here we are looking for how well the paint and coating has been applied to the final figure. Is it a good job overall or are there blemishes and issues that speak of a wider quality control issue perhaps? We determine this again in relation to the price-point of the figure to determine a point of value. For instance, a more expensive premium figure should feature a high-grade of paint application.

Prince Point (Out of 5)
This section simply looks at the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of the figure and assesses whether this is a justifiable value. This is determined based on the other criteria and whether they all come together to help justify & validate this SRP or whether the figure is actually asking for more than its worth.

Articulation (Out of 5)
The figure’s articulation is assessed in relation to the character to ensure a relative score. If we’re reviewing a comic-based character then we’re more than likely expecting a higher level of articulation than if we’re dealing with a more static character.

Overall Design (Out of 5)
This is the section which grants the most flexibility and breadth of critique and includes things such as the packaging design, accessories and more subjective elements like ‘Cool-factor’ and the feeling of the figure in-hand. This is the area of the review which can bend more than others when dealing with non-standard action figures.

We’re also very much welcoming of User reviews & ratings allowing us to develop a community consensus on each figure that we review to determine an ‘Exclu Score’ & a ‘Community Score’ helping to provide an aggregate.

Thanks for checking out Reviews here at Exclu!

Jack Sturman

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