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We continue our brand new Interview Series with an extended chat with Joe Walser, the recognised world authority on the DMC DeLorean Time Machine which debuted all the way in 1985 in ‘Back to the Future’ and has been a Pop Culture Icon ever since.

In our interview, which is hosted by Scott, we talk about his many various projects alongside the icon vehicle but also bring it back to focus on the Eaglemoss 1:8th DeLorean Time Machine as part of our extended coverage.

Catch the interview in full below :

Also, in case you missed it, we spoke to Joe a few weeks back through an Article Interview for those who perhaps prefer to read their interviews and what’s more, we’d added in a few extra questions that haven’t been released thus far :

ICYMI | An Interview with Joe Walser – World authority on the DeLorean Time Machine

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First, does this model come with a supply of plutonium or are we safely using batteries to power this one?

The Eaglemoss DeLorean Time Machine model actually does come with Plutonium. Twleve canisters in fact; one canister for each trip. But, just as the actual DeLorean Time Machine relied on the internal combustion engine as well as the nuclear reactor, the model also takes batteries.

The details on this model are incredible. How important was it that every detail matched your work perfectly?

The Devil is always in the details. Accuracy is vital if that’s what you’re aiming for. The Eaglemoss DeLorean Time Machine model is by far the most accurate model of the DeLorean time machine ever created. The realities of production are the only reasons when you turn the 1/8 scale keys, the 1/8th scale engine doesn’t turn over using 1/8th scale unleaded gasoline. As fans get more and more educated about the DeLorean time machine, they start seeing the difference, so it was important to do it right the first time!

Plutonium or Mr. Fusion? Which one do you prefer?

The original, nuclear version has always been my favorite. I like Mr. Fusion nearly as much, especially since our involvement in producing the accurate 3D model for Diamond Select, but the Back to the Future is also a story about power in the nuclear age.

The nuclear reactor version is the one that could melt down Hill Valley and make it just a memory in time. There’s just nothing as cool as the first moment you see the DeLorean time machine backing out of Doc Brown’s truck. It’s one of the greatest reveals of all time.

How involved were you with the model design?

I consulted on the model from beginning to end. Eaglemoss sent model makers to photograph and get basic measurements of the DeLorean Time Machine to start engineering the 3D model. Once the basic prototype existed, I went to work revising components, materials, colors, etc. Many months and updates later and it was time for the model to go into production!

Is this the largest, most detailed commercial model of the DeLorean that you’ve seen?

The Eaglemoss DeLorean Time Machine model is both the largest and the smallest ‘most accurate, most detailed commercial model of the DeLorean that has ever existed. The detail of this DeLorean time machine model has never been achieved on any other DeLorean time machine model no matter the size.

At 1:8 scale, and coming in at nearly 2 feet in length, accuracy is key. What was your process to ensure every detail was perfect?

I’m known for extreme accuracy, it’s kind of my thing. Whatever I do, it’s important for me to do it right. I never rested until I had identified every detail that makes the DeLorean Time Machine what it is, both for the actual DeLorean and for the Eaglemoss model. It was worth doing right.

What are the similarities and differences that come into play when working on a model thats 1:8 scale when comparing that to the 1:1 version which you restored alongside Universal Studios?

Working on the 1:8 scale model had some challenges that just don’t exist on the full sized DeLorean time machine. It’s one thing to create a 1:1 3D model, that’s difficult enough, but Eaglemoss had to not only reduce it to 1:8, but determine material requirements, adjust material thicknesses due to the demands of reality, figure out how all the parts of the model will fit together and in what order. It’s an engineering nightmare on top of the DeLorean Time Machine being a very complicated build.

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Last modified: November 8, 2020

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