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Across social media this past week, we’ve been keeping up with the various previews coming from Flame Toys of their upcoming Transformers ‘Optimus Primal’ figure and now we’re back as Pre-Orders have opened on this pretty exciting looking figure.

Alongside a complete gallery which you can catch in full below, Flame Toys have also now shared more details on the particulars of the figure which stands in at 17cm tall with 60 points of articulation alongside Diecast elements. There is also a base included here for posing, fully articulated fingers and a bonus ‘Mask of Jushin‘ available for those who pre-order through certain channels with an April 2021 release date.

The mast is available through the following Pre-Order link alongside Official Flame Toys shops :

Pre-Order | Flame Toys Optimus Primal – D4Toys

D4Toys (above) has this figure listed with a special price of $161.90 as a pre-order incentive with a standard SRP of $175.00.

Pre-Order | Flame Toys Optimus Primal – ET-Toys

ET-Toys (Above) have both the regular & bonus version available for $165.00 & $152.00 respectively.

Optimus Primal was a mere captain of exploration ship when he and his crew were diverted off-course to pursue a stolen Predacon ship under the leadership of some crook named Megatron. He may even have surpassed the greatest of the Autobots, seeing as he saved the life of his namesake and ushered in a new technorganic Cybertron.

Source : Flame Toys

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Last modified: November 6, 2020

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