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If ever there was time to rejoice and be thankful for “action figures,” today is that day. Mego, purveyors of 8″ retro style action figures, have scheduled the release of a carded Ultraman for mid to late November. Initially this wonderfully retro figure with 14 points of articulation will be available only at Walmart with additional retailers to sell the visitor from Nebula M78 sometime thereafter.

Fans of both Ultraman and Mego, namely people such as myself, will be on the lookout for the greatest of all tokusatsu heroes, and judging by the images this figure wears that suit well. The blue color timer on his chest indicates to show fans that this figure is in little danger from the hazard of obsolescence. If there are others out there as excited as I am, sound out below because November can’t get here soon enough.

Source: Ultraman Galaxy

Last modified: October 29, 2020

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