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Todd McFarlane has yet more for us now as-if the unmasked Flashpoint Batman & Injustice Flash & Gorilla Grod weren’t enough from earlier today. Now he has turned his attention to the upcoming largest figure yet for the line in the form of ‘Bane’ which is another Build-A-Figure coming early 2021.

ICYMI | Reveal | DC Multiverse Gorilla Grodd, The Flash & Unmasked Flashpoint Batman

Todd also took the opportunity to attempt to answer some of the questions about scale within the DC Multiverse line alongside a preview of the upcoming Damian Wayne ‘Robin‘ which he used as an example of its scale alongside Thomas Wayne & Bane. Catch it all below :

Courtesy of The Voice of Reason, here are some high-res screengrabs from the video to give you a better idea of the upcoming Bane release and how it scales with the Damian Wayne ‘Robin’ :

Source : Todd McFarlane / The Voice of Reason

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Last modified: October 19, 2020

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