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Earlier this year, we first found ourselves look at a brand new line of action figures from The Loyal Subjects who, up until now, have built their brand and reputation on their many various series of 3″ Vinyl collectibles spanning myriad Pop Culture licenses.

At the time, we didn’t know too much about this line nor the ambition & realisation of its market disruption but thanks to a full press release, we now have a far better idea of the scope of this new series from the TLS team.

The Basics :

– Pronounced ‘Best Action’
– 1:15 scale action figures
– 5″ Tall
– $15.99 Price Point

Availability :

– Available now in Walmart stores (Entertainment Section)
– Available in Hot Topic stores from November
– Available in Gamestop stores from late November
– Available in Target stores in April 2021

* The BST AXN line is also available in international territories such as right here in the UK through various local distributors so we’ll keep you updated on those as retailers start offering them up.

BST AXN™ 1:15 scale Action Figures are hyper-poseable with up to 31 points of articulation using a modern armature system which brings the figures closer to life, killer paint details, super character likeness, interchangeable hands, multiple accessories, and great sculpt details, all at a super affordable price point!

Say “So long” to the large plastic door jams cluttering up the shelves, say “So long” to spending $70.00+ for a piece of your childhood memories, say “So long” to the lame “beat-‘em-up-in-the-backyard” cheap plastic batons, and say “Hello” to BST AXN™ – playable, poseable, high quality, detailed, uniform, all at a 5” size, and ONLY $15.99!

All with killer sculpt details, tons of playability, tons of poseability, “swap-out” heads and hands, killer accessories, BST AXN™ insignia stands, and a secret BST AXN™ sticker included in every box!

Current Licenses :
– Fullmetal Alchemist
– Cowboy Bebop
– Naruto Shippuden
– Guns ‘N’ Roses
– Lord of the Rings
– Napoleon Dynamite
– Big Trouble in little China

Licenses Coming Soon :
– Avatar, the last Airbender
– Buffy The Vampire Slayer
– Death Note
– Starship Troopers
– Ozzy Osborne

We’re hoping to have a sit down interview with the head man over at The Loyal Subjects, Jonathan Cathey who we interviewed last in 2019 when he made the jump over the pond for MCM London Comic Con.

Let us know your thoughts on this brand new line down in the comments below and keep it locked to Exclu for all the latest news and previews from across the toy community.

Source : The Loyal Subjects Press Release

Last modified: October 18, 2020

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