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Hello friends! Today we’ll be taking a look at the Waddle Dee Nendoroid from Good Smile Company.

Hey, it’s everyone’s idol! Don’t let the cute fool you! He’s a brave warrior who may be small, but his spear packs a huge wallop!

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land

Waddle Dee are a common enemy type found in the Kirby franchise. There is a specific Waddle Dee known as Bandana Waddle Dee that can be found joining Kirby on adventures, and that seems to be the one represented here. As depicted by its name, you can tell Bandana Waddle Dee apart from other Waddle Dee by the bandana on their head and the spear that they wield.

  • Standard expression face plate
  • Serious expression face plate
  • Sleeping face plate
  • Sad expression face plate
  • Accessory holding hand part
  • Spear
  • Apple
  • Bandana
  • Articulated Nendoroid stand


There’s not much detail that needs to be sculpted when it comes to figures of Kirby characters. Most of them are round creatures with simple faces, and that’s exactly what the Waddle Dee Nendoroid provides us with.


Waddle Dee has a very simple color scheme. The biggest variance is the transition from their peach-colored face to their orange body. Everything is professionally finished with zero overspill and there haven’t been any complaints from other parties for this figure when it comes to paint application.


If you own any of the Kirby Nendoroids, you’ll know that the hands, feet, and hat accessories are all attached by the use of magnets. Technically, the only thing that articulates is the stand that the figure comes with. The magnetism is a clever solution for these round characters that don’t actually have arms or legs to move.


This spear-wielding, round puffball retails for $53.99 directly from Good Smile Company, which is a pretty standard price point for most Nendoroid figures. Waddle Dee comes with accessories that are iconic to its character and the amount of face plates allow for diversity when creating different scenes.


If I was limited to buying only one Nendoroid, it would have to be one from the Kirby series. The use of magnetism, their softness, and the variety of poses that are possible even without needing articulated joints are things that are very unique to these figures. Anything that comes from the Kirby universe is adorable, and I might be biased because I am a huge fan of Kirby, but this figure is essentially perfect. This is a very simple figure, but it’s very representative of the character and the quality of the figure itself is not compromised at all and holds to the high standard that Good Smile Company strives for.

If you’re a fan of Nintendo, cute things, or you think your Kirby Nendoroid needs a friend, this figure is necessary.

Did you also pick up this figure? Let us know how our thoughts compare with yours!

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Last modified: September 25, 2020

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