The 100 Project | 2020 – Cover Artist Spotlight

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In this, the third annual Toy Photography Showcase from Exclu Magazine, we present the works of 100 individuals as they each debut 001 exclusive image, all presented in our self-published art-book.

One of the most important parts of this project every year is the Cover Art which acts as a culmination of everything you can expect to see inside : Diverse Toy Photography & a professional design. This year, we drew inspiration from our 2019 Edition whilst updating its aesthetics and IT features not only photographers from Team Exclu but also members from the Toy Photography Community.

We’ve compiled a closer look at each of the images which make up our cover art collage and firmly encourage you to check out the portfolios of each individual artist for more incredible Toy Photography.

And finally, see how our 2020 Edition stacks up to the cover art of both our 2018 & 2019 publications :

Keep it locked to Exclu for all the latest news and previews from across the toy community.

Last modified: September 22, 2020

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