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Batman turned 80 years old in 2019. For eighty years, Batman has been a pop culture icon and as a result, a slew of merchandise has been made in his honour. Costumes, prop replicas and art prints are all readily available of the Dark Knight, but for today’s article, we will be focusing on action figures. Specifically, the top five action figures you should have in your collection.

5. Hot Toys Batman Begins 1/4 Scale Figure

Hot Toys are famous for their life-like collectables and this one is no exception. Everything from the head sculpt down to the batarangs is recreated flawlessly in 1/4 scale. It comes with three interchangeable faceplates, highly detailed batsuit, magnetically attachable cape and a whole host of bat-related gadgets including, grapnel gun, batarangs, gas capsules and jokers playing card inside a little evidence bag. For the high-end collector, this is the definitive Batman to own.

4. DC Collectibles Batman Expression Pack

It’s impossible to do a countdown list of Batman figures without including a rendition from the classic 90’s show, ‘Batman: The Animated Series‘. In terms of sheer content, you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck. It comes with 6 head sculpts all with different expressions, two capes and a multitude of accessories including two guns, a knife, baseball bat and a grapnel gun. With so many display options, this super stylised figure will look great in any display.

3. Medicom Toys MAFEX ‘Hush’ Batman

Hush‘ is considered one of the greatest Batman stories ever told. Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee not only created the new character ‘Hush‘ but also together with the majority of the DC rogues gallery and pitted them against the Dark Knight in an attempt to destroy him forever. With so much source material available, it’s only right that MAFEX did the comic book proud with this release.

MAFEX has taken Jim Lee’s incredible artwork and transformed it into a 3-dimensional action figure. Everything about this figure screams ‘comic book’. Featuring two masked sculpts and an unmasked Bruce Wayne head sculpt, two batarangs and a grapnel gun, you can recreate almost any pose from the comic book. The highlight of this figure is the cape. It’s massive and wired, allowing you to create dynamic windswept poses.

2. Hot Toys Batman 1966

Bat-fans the world over will instantly recognise this as Adam West’s campy caped crusader. Lifted directly from the 60’s tv show, Hot Toys have done another phenomenal job bringing this 1/6 scale collectable to life. Featuring two interchangeable mouth plates, several hands, a batarang and a can of the infamous ‘shark repellant’ spray, this figure perfectly sums up everything great about the iconic tv show.

1. Medicom MAFEX The Dark Knight Batman Ver. 3.0

This may be controversial but I believe MAFEX‘s third iteration of this figure is worthy of the top spot. They nailed the execution of this figure. The sculpt and materials used are stunning. It’s no wonder it is often referred to as a ‘mini Hot Toy’ within the community. Along with two additional head sculpts, it also comes with an impressive array of accessories including a grapnel, sticky bomb gun, EMP rifle and three batarangs. The cape is fully wired allowing for dynamic poses. The only downside is that they didn’t include an unmasked Bruce Wayne head sculpt, however, it is possible to pick up a third party sculpt from Manniple Studios.

Overall this is fantastic 1/12 scale representation of Bales Dark Knight and fully deserves a place on your shelf.

So, what do you think of this top 5? Do you agree? Is your top 5 completely different? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Sources: Hot Toys, MAFEX, DC Collectibles
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Last modified: September 19, 2020

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