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Not too long back, we previewed the upcoming 1:12 Nolan-Verse Batman & Catwoman from Soap Studio and we’ve seen some glimpses here and there but now we have several clear, in-hand images of the Dark Knight himself.

Now there are comparisons to be drawn between this particular figure and the One:12Collective Batman figures as both feature a soft-goods costume over an under-skeleton which is seen most clearly in the legs of this figure with the upper torso clad in armour. It’s always hard to try and review anything from distance and it’s not really fair to do so but one thing that does leap out at us is the contrast of the black mask & the pure, brilliant white of the eyes but let us know what you make of that. Check out the images we have so far below :

Source : DMS Toys Report

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Last modified: September 9, 2020

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