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|  “The rain on my chest is a baptism – I’m born again.”
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

We’ve managed to get our hands on the newly released Medicom Toys MAFEX Batman : The Dark Knight Returns alongside our sponsor Hobby-Genki so read on to hear our thoughts and see how this Batman stacks up!

  • 1:12 scale Batman figure
  • Two head sculpts
  • Eight batarangs
  • 10 pairs of hands
  • MAFEX figure stand (clear)



Medicom Toys has done a fantastic job of capturing the likeness of Frank Millers old and grizzled Batman in this latest MAFEX release. Everything from the furrowed brow and defined jawline are captured perfectly at 1:12 scale. It’s as close to the source material as possible.

There are two sculpts included within this release to add some variance to your display which includes both a grim resting expressing and a snarling portrait also – both of which are pretty spot on. Away from the portraits, the rest of figure is also spot on with nothing negative to report as we look at the limbs, torso and also the utility belt. There’s also a hard-plastic covering which hides the jointing of the cape to the main torso which captures the furls of the cape and is a necessary tool to keep that cape firmly secured in place.



Paint apps are very consistent across the figure. The line-work on the head sculpt, Bat symbol, gauntlets and boots is very well done. Nice clean, sharp lines with no overspill. The light black wash on the suit brings out a lot of definition in the sculpt and gives the figure a weathered, worn-in look which is aesthetically pleasing. Whilst there’s not a ton of variance naturally with this character, just sticking to greys & blacks, what is present is professionally finished and we’re yet to see any other reports of any major paint nightmares on this guy.

DK articulation


Articulation is always a subject of contention when discussing MAFEX figures. After the disaster that was the redesigned shoulder joint on Shazam and the short bicep peg on Wolverine that caused his arm to drop off every time the wind blew, it’s nice to see MAFEX  getting their act together with this release. All the joints are nice and solid and the range of movement for a ‘hefty’ character is very good. The only real issue is there is next to no ab crunch and he can’t arch backwards at all. The cape is wired and easily holds up under its own weight, allowing you to get those awesome ‘cape billowing in the wind’ style poses.

DK Price point


The SRP of this particular release is around the standard $80.00 but naturally this will differ depending on where it is that you usually source your figures from.

Order | Medicom Toys MAFEX Batman : The Dark Knight Returns

Despite the lack of accessories, you get a lot of figure for the price. He’s solid, well built and has got some weight to him. He doesn’t ‘feel’ cheap. I’d recommend picking him up as soon as you can because as with most Mafex releases, expect the price to double as soon as it hits the second-hand market.

DK overall


MAFEX has made another fantastic Batman figure which will look great on the shelf alongside their other Dark Knight releases. Despite the limited accessories included with this release, the design, articulation and overall presence more than make-up for it. If you are a fan of Frank Millers Batman you owe it to yourself to add it to your collection.

Well that’s our review of the Medicom Toys MAFEX Batman (TDKR) but do let us know your thoughts on this guy down in the comments below .

Keep it locked to Exclu for all the latest news and previews from across the toy community. This figure was made available to us for the purpose of review from Hobby-Genki.

Last modified: September 8, 2020

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