Teaser | LEGO X IKEA, Adidas & Levi’s!

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Danny_AuthorLego has revealed collaborations with Adidas, Ikea and Levi’s this past couple of weeks. The Danish brick giants have partnered with Adidas as part of the A-Zx series. The sneakers are heavily influenced by the primary colours of the Lego world and will certainly draw attention when they hit the high street later this year. Ikea has announced a range of storage products called ‘Bygglek’ which allow children to play with and store their lego in unique ways. Finally, Levi’s is launching a Lego-themed clothing range. A Lego beanie hat is currently available from their website if you can’t wait to adorn yourself in ‘coloured brick’ inspired clothing.


Source: Brick Fanatics, Twitter

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Last modified: September 4, 2020

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