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August 23rd began Kotobukiya’s 2020 Summer Expo where they detailed more information on previously announced figures and statues, as well as provided us with reveals. Their new product announcements were shared on YouTube in two live streams. Fans of DC, Marvel, and Star Wars can look forward to these upcoming figures.

Figures that were revealed included a painted version of the DC Comics Bishoujo rendition of Mera, a preview of the DC Comics Bishoujo rendition of Stargirl, and a look at the sculpt of the 1/6 scale Batman (Thomas Wayne) from the DC Comics Elseworlds Series.

Check out the gallery or our breakdown of both live streams below to get up to date information for their upcoming lineup:

Non Scale Pre-Painted Figures:
– Dead By Daylight: Trapper (2021/$TBD)
– Dead By Daylight: Hillbilly (2021/$TBD)

1/6 Scale Pre-Painted Figures:
– Rei Ayanami Plugsuit ver. (Available now/$149.99)
– ARTFX: Elseworld Series Batman Thomas Wayne (April 2021/$TBD)
– ARTFX: Harley Quinn Birds of Prey (January 2021/ $TBD)
– ARTFX: Wonder Woman 1984 (January 2021/$159.99)
ARTFX: Loki Marvel Avengers (2021/$189.99)
ARTFX: Thor Avengers: Age of Ultron (2021/$TBD)

1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figures:
– The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bishoujo Statue: Leatherface (December 2020/$129.99)
– The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bishoujo Statue: Leatherface Chainsaw Dance (February 2021/$129.99)
DC Comics Ikemen Statue: The Joker Limited Edition (Available now/$109.99)
– My Little Pony Bishoujo Statue: Princess Luna (2021/$TBD)
– My Little Pony Bishoujo Statue: Princess Celestia (2021/$TBD)
– My Little Pony Bishoujo Statue: Sunset Shimmer (April 2021/$TBD)
– My Little Pony Bishoujo Statue: Pinkie Pie Limited Edition (August 2021/$99.99)
– My Little Pony Bishoujo Statue: Twilight Sparkle Limited Edition (October 2021/$99.99)
– DC Comics Bishoujo Statue: Stargirl (July 2021/$TBD)
– DC Comics Bishoujo Statue: Mera (April 2021/$TBD)
– ARTFX J: Levi Fortitude ver. (Available now/$174.99)
– Asuka Sohru Langley Gothic & Lolita Costume ver. :RE (Available now/$149.99)
– Marvel Bishoujo Statue: Black Cat Steals Your Heart (January 2021/$119.99)

1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Figures:
– ARTFX J: Arthur Boyle (TBD/$TBD)
– ARTFX J: Shinmon Benimaru (TBD/$TBD)
– ARTFX J: Kasumi Yoshizawa Phantom Theif ver. (December 2020/$TBD)
– ARTFX J: Hero Phantom Theif ver. (January 2021/$119.99)
– ARTFX J: All Might (November 2020/$104.99)
– ARTFX J: Himiko Toga (November 2020/$91.99)
– ARTFX J: Eijiro Kirishima (September 2020/$91.99)
– ARTFX J: Tomura Shigaraki (October 2020/$109.99)
– Luke & Asch (TBD/$TBD)
– Sorey Water Armatization (TBD/$TBD)
– Soma Schicksal (TBD/$TBD)

1/10 Scale Pre-Painted Figures:
ARTFX Premier: Black Cat (February 2021/$159.99)
ARTFX Premier: Captain Marvel (December 2020/$169.99)

1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Model Kits:
– ARTFX Artist Series: Tusken Raider Barbaric Desert Tribe (February 2021/$199.99)
– ARTFX Artist Series: Rey Descendant of Light (Available now/$169.99)
– ARTFX Artist Series: Kylo Ren Cloaked in Shadows (September 2020/$169.99)

1/10 Scale Pre-Painted Model Kits:
– ARTFX+: Qui-Gon Jinn (January 2021/$99.99)
– ARTFX+: Anakin Skywalker (Available now/$129.99)
– ARTFX+: Luke Skywalker (Available now/$129.99)
– ARTFX+: The Fighter Pilot Backstabber & Mouse Droid Exclusive (Available now/$124.99)
– ARTFX+: Tie Fighter Pilot (Available now/$119.99)
– ARTFX+: Lando Calrissian Baron Administrator of Cloud City (December 2020/$99.99)
– ARTFX+: Scout Trooper (September 2020/$119.99)

1/6 Scale Resin Statues
– Fine Art Statue: Wolverine X-Men (Available now/$399.99)
– Fine Art Statue: Captain America (TBD/$TBD)
– Fine Art Statue: Maximum Carnage (February 2021/$349.99)
– Fine Art Statue: Cyclops X-Men (TBD/$TBD)
– Fine Art Statue: Thanos on Space Throne (Available now/$479.99)

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