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When McFarlane Toys fully unveiled the four characters of their upcoming ‘Merciless’ BAF wave of DC Multiverse figures, one aspect was missing and that was a complete look at the Build-a-figure itself. Well that’s now been fully rectified with several official images which show the figure in all of it’s glory which you can now check out below alongside a full breakdown :



Brand: DC Multiverse
Genre: Comics
Product Type: Action Figure Series: Pre-Order Now

From Earth -12 comes the bloodthirsty Merciless, a nightmarish fusion of Batman and Ares. Clad in blazing blue armor and wielding the God Killer sword, this member of the Dark Knights is a supremely powerful warmonger, taking all of the best tactical skills of Batman and pairing them with the might of Ares.

Product Features

The Merciless TM figure is assembled when combining all 4 pieces from the Wave 2 McFarlane Build-a-Figure line: Robin of Earth -22TM, Superman TM (The Infected), The Batman Who Laughs with Sky Tyrant Wings, and Batman TM (Dark Nights: Metal). The Merciless figure is based on the comic book Batman: The Merciless #1 (2017) The Merciless comes with his powerful sword”.

Source : McFarlane Toys

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Last modified: August 26, 2020

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