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Whilst you may know The Loyal Subjects from their Vinyl series of figures which include licenses including Game of Thrones, Aliens, Family Guy, Nickelodeon, Horror Icons & many more, they’ll be hoping that more of you will come to know them through their brand new, 5″ line dubbed “BST AXN“. Now at this point, we are going off of the European orders for these figures which has outed the existence of the line and its out guess that the lines title stands for “Best Action” but we could be wrong there.

The characters in the line straddle Pop Culture featuring Anime characters from Cowboy Bebop to Music from AC/DC & even Lord of the Rings. Each character stands 5″ tall (13cm) and features 22 points of articulation alongside removable / interchangeable hands,  accessories and collector’s cards, all packaged in a clear window box as you’ll see below. These are expected to release at the end of the year but we’ll update once we have more concrete news from TLS themselves.

Here’s the line-up we know so far :

01. Cowboy Bebop BST AXN Action Figure Spike Spiegel
02. Cowboy Bebop BST AXN Action Figure Vicious
03. Fullmetal Alchemist BST AXN Action Figure Alphonse Elric
04. Fullmetal Alchemist BST AXN Action Figure Edward Elric
05. Lord of the Rings BST AXN Action Figure Gandalf
06. Big Trouble in Little China BST AXN Action Figure Lightning
07. Napoleon Dynamite BST AXN Action Figure Napoleon
08. AC/DC BST AXN Action Figure Angus Young
09. Kiss BST AXN Action Figure The Demon
10. Guns N’ Roses BST AXN Action Figure Slash
11. Naruto BST AXN Action Figure Naruto Uzimaki
12. Naruto BST AXN Action Figure Kakashi Hatake


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Last modified: August 16, 2020

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