Batman Shugo 1:4 statue from XM Studios | Image Preview

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XM Studios are continuing their Feudal Japan themed DC Statues with the 1:4 Shugo Batman which opens up for pre-order on Sunday August 23rd. This version of Batman stands on top of a Bat-signal diorama base and is really meticulously detailed right across the board from the armour to the base. Check out the images we have so far alongside pre-order dates :

A progression from Samurai, he has now risen to take on the title of ‘Shugo’. Translated as “(military) governor” or “protector”, Shugo is a title given to officials in feudal Japan who ruled over territories throughout the country.

Decked in an upgraded armour designed for protection, Batman Shugo stands on top of the Bat-signal, one leg forward, ready to take on the source of the distress signal. The design and decoration of the Bat-signal draws inspiration from Japanese Ceremonial drum – Taiko. The Taiko has various functions throughout Japan’s history and was also used as a means of military communication in Feudal Japan.

Pre-Order Opens:
1am on Sunday 23 August SGT (UTC+8)
10am on Saturday 22 August PST

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Last modified: August 15, 2020

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