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If you roll the clocks back to several months ago, the word MIGu wouldn’t mean anything to you but these past few weeks it’s meaning more & more as further figures are announced under the platform from an official licensing partnership with Marvel including both the MCU & Marvel Comics.

Now we have a further gallery of both the upcoming 1:9 Comic Venom & Carnage both of which are slated to be releasing in the fourth quarter of the year with Venom up for around $80.00 and Carnage for around $58.00. Now these are coming from China so we’ll have to see which platforms carry these for western collectors or if we’ll be turning to importers and the-like to get our hands on these in the Western hemisphere.

For now, take a closer look at each figure which comes with a whopping array of “symbiote” pieces for lack of a better description :

MIGu Studio | 1:9th Venom


MIGu Studio | 1:9th Carnage


Source : Victory Toys

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Last modified: July 31, 2020

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