Tamashii Features 2020 | The Mandalorian, Iron Man, DBZ & More

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We’re already begun covering the Tamashii Features 2020 Event which will kick off fully on July 4th but courtesy of both Dengeki Hobby & Amiami Hobby News , we can now take a more comprehensive look at the larger brands on offer including The Mandalorian, The Marvel Studios and Dragonball. Check-out a full list of what we’re previewing below alongside the images themselves and we’ll be updating you as the event develops :

The Mandalorian

  • Mandalorian in Beskar Armor
  • IG-88 with the Child
  • Biker Scout with Speeder Bike
  • Stormtrooper

Wonder Woman 1984

  • Wonder Woman

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Tony Stark – Evolution of Iron Man
  • Iron Man Mark I – Evolution of Iron Man
  • Avengers: Endgame – Battle Damaged Iron Man with Nano Gauntlet

Dragon Ball Z

  • Ginyu Force – Jiece
  • Ginyu Force – Guldo
  • Ginyu Force – Recoome
  • Ginyu Force – Burter
  • Bardock

S.H. MonsterArts

  • Biollante with Updated colors
  • Giant Monsters All-Out Attack – Atomic Blast Godzilla


Source : Dengeki Hobby & Amiami Hobby News

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Last modified: July 3, 2020

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