Hot Toys reveal Toy Fair Exclusives 2020

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Hot Toys have officially unveiled their line-up of Toy Fair 2020 Exclusives and its good news if you’re a Marvel Collector and perhaps painful reading for those hoping for something from any other license. The figures on offer are :

  • Iron Man 2 | Whiplash | HK$ 2,080 | US$ 268.00
  • Iron Man 2 | Holographic Mark IV | HK $1.780 | US$ $229.00
  • Thor Ragnarok | Stan Lee Cameo | HK$ 1,480 | US $190.00
  • PS4 Spider-Man | Spider-Man 2099 Suit | HK$ 1,680 | US$ 216.00

We’ve added both the Hong Kong & US dollar price point for each of these but naturally that US price will differ somewhat by the time these become available through Western platforms such as and we’ll update you as soon as that happens.

Each figure has a release window of Q3-Q4 2020 so we don’t have too long to wait until we can get a closer look at each. We’ve previewed each figure below but will be going into more details on each of them in follow-up articles :



Let us know your thoughts on these down in the comments below.

Last modified: July 2, 2020

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