The Clone Wars S7E10: “The Phantom Apprentice” – Easter Eggs, Recap, Review, and Thoughts on Maul

Yesterday’s episode of The Clone Wars was a mind blower to say the least, mostly thanks to all of the knowledge we got on Maul, and how much he knew about the state of the Galaxy just before the fall of the Republic. Of course the action bits, and Ahsoka’s heroics stood out as well, but all of the Maul stuff is hard not to ponder about.

Of course we here at the SWTS had to do our weekly Easter egg and References breakdown (below), in addition to a recap and review (above) of the episode, so please do check those out.

I went ahead and whipped up another Maul video based on the reveals we got on him, so please check that video out as well.

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Last modified: April 25, 2020

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