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UPDATE – We now know that this figure will release in December 2020 with a list price of JPY 7800 (Roughly equates to $80.00).

Following on from the earlier graphic that was doing the rounds for the upcoming Medicom Toys MAFEX Magneto release, we now have a more complete gallery of the figure giving us a full look of what we can expect when it drops.

The figure looks set to come with several portrait variants including a fully un-helmeted sculpt, a helmeted sculpt with visible portrait underneath and an additional helmet sculpt with Magneto’s features shrouded in shadow beneath, much like the classical comic look. The figure also features a material cape and two Magnetism effect pieces and an additional helmet which can be held by the figure. We’ll keep you posted as we can more information in the way of an official release date and pricing so stay tuned.


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Last modified: April 23, 2020

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