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Fans of the video game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or samurai related action figures will be happy to know that the Max Factory figma Sekiro figure is now up for preorder in both a regular and a DX edition.

Sekiro seen below looks quite impressive, as is the case with most Max Factory figures and comes designed to allow for a wide range of poses. Most exciting for those who enjoy a good action pose is the cloak, which appears to split in the back and consists of multiple pieces to allow for better movement at the waist and hips.

As one would expect the DX version comes with extras not available in the standard version. As well as a stand, a grappling hook, and Kusabimaru, the Mortal Blade,  which are all available in the standard version, the deluxe version includes the “Loaded Axe, Loaded Spear and Loaded Umbrella Shinobi Prosthetic Tools along with a Sculptor’s Idol and Death Effect Sheet” as per the product listing from GoodSmile. Additionally, those capable of preordering from GoodSmile directly will receive an extra sweet rice ball that is not available ordering elsewhere.

The preorder price comes in around JPY10,450 ($97.20USD) for the standard version while the DX version is listed at JPY13,200 ($122.77USD). The gallery below shows the DX version with the additional sweet rice ball included in the preorder directly from GoodSmile.

Source : GoodSmile

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Last modified: April 17, 2020

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