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Mezco teased footage via YouTube this afternoon of their upcoming exclusive Rumble Society figure Baron Bends and the Aquaticons.

The one minute long animated short teased a figure in deep sea diving attire, seated atop a throne and surrounded by treasure, who was then surrounded by an unknown enemy. As with all Mezco exclusives, demand for this figure will likely be extremely high and it is recommended to be there first thing to enjoy the delays and frustrations of exclusive preorders.

As of publication time the price and precise time for the preorder to start are unknown, but previous single figure exclusives such as Gomez came in around $90-95US while John Wick 2 was $120US.

From the unboxing and review posted by d_amazing, the figure comes with a spear, an anchor, an angler fish, three sets of interchangeable hands, a display stand, and two headsculpts. The figure is largely a monochrome blue with accents in the spear, the helmet goggles, and on the belt in a neon yellow. The goggles do allow to be raised and display a seemingly undead face beneath.

Source : MezcoToyz

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Last modified: April 13, 2020

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