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The Final Fantasy 7 Remake was officially released on Friday, April 10th, and for gamers and nostalgia lovers the classic game’s redesign is breath taking.  I got goosebumps watching the train pull into the station at Mako Reactor 1, remembering the original game’s opening sequence. Gaming aside, the remake leaves countless opportunities for action figure enthusiasts to revisit the heroes in all of their toy glory. Square Enix has obliged fans in the Play Arts Kai line with four new figures set for release later in the year.

Set for release starting in August 2020 with Cloud, Barrett is scheduled for an October release, Tifa Lockhart for November, and Aerith for December. All four figures stand approximately 10” tall and come with accessories to match each respective characters from the game.

The four figures are up for preorder from Square Enix and are being listed for $139.49.

Cloud Strife

The Cloud figure is a redesign on the 2017 version, and comes with a display stand, four interchangeable hands, and his Buster Sword. The face sculpt is an update on the previous version with an improved 3D modeling. The 2017 version was an impressive figure and this one looks similar.

Barret Wallace

Of the four, Barret might be the most visually impressive but also includes the least in terms of accessories. He includes a display stand, three interchangeable hands, and his mechanical machine gun arm that looks as menacing and imposing as the character. Also included are removable translucent sunglasses that are as a bonus allow for more visibility on his facial expressions.

Tifa Lockhart

The Tifa figure includes a stand, four sets of interchangeable hands, and three hair pieces that include a wind-blown look to recreate more realistic poses. Tifa is equally impressive as Barrett as her design looks incredibly realistic with clothing folds designed into the figure.

Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith is the only figure in the group to include a second headsculpt. One is a peaceful, eyes closed expression while the other is an eyes open, stern look. As with the others she includes a display stand, and she additionally includes four sets of interchangeable hands, her staff/rod, and a basket of flowers. Without a figure in hand, it is difficult to determine articulation and issues with posing, but from the images released by Square Enix posing might be hindered by the skirt.

As both a fan of the game and the original release of Cloud and Barret, the new figures are a welcome update and make my wallet weep for the overuse.

What are your thoughts?

Source : Square Enix Store

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Last modified: April 12, 2020

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