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“What? No chit-chat or monologue? Just gettin’ right to the point, huh?”
-Nero, DMC V

Since I reviewed Asmus’ Vergil, from Devil May Cry 3, I have…still yet to play any of these games. I know, I know but trust me if I had time to play video games, I’d never write these reviews!

I have watched some gameplay though and do know a cool-looking figure when I see one, so let’s see how he stacks up!

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of Nero from Capcom’s Devil May Cry V with 32 points of articulation
  • Clothing including; Dark blue-grey jacket, knitted red shirt, grey undershirt, dark grey pants, black boots
  • One fully articulated robotic hand, one palm opened robotic hand, human relaxed posture hand, human weapon holding hand, human fist
  • Punchline arm, Gerbera GP01 arm, Buster Arm
  • Red Queen sword
  • Blue Rose pistol
  • Figure stand





WhereasVergil was based on an older game – DMC 3 – Nero is based on DMC 5 which was released just last year. The graphics being much more detailed, there was more to base this sculpt on and is less open to interpretation as a dimensional product.

That said, it still maintains an overall feel of a video game character (which of course it is). The expression is neutral, which is fine. The skin tones are nicely painted and eyes very good as well. The hair is where it most resembles a video game character, even more than the character itself did. The feathery forward cut is a tough one to sculpt, but Asmus did a decent job here. I think a few more white dry brushed highlights might have brought it even closer to the source.

Overall a nice rendition and paint app.



Asmus recently announced that POP Toys would be doing their clothing going forward. I suspect trying to confirm) that they may have had a hand in some of the previous figures as well. Clothing has always been a strong point with Asmus’ figures and POP Toys also produces exceptional clothing. If you’ve ever bought one of their separate suit products, you’ll know what I mean.

One thing I would have liked; a wire in the hood. I know some don’t like wired clothing, but here it would help in both it’s up and down states.


While these clothes are more conventional than the LOTR offerings they are nonetheless very nicely done. The jacket and the knit-look sweater are exceptional and really capture the look of the in-game character.

The boots…I’m not a fan of. Visually, they have kind of an old GI Joe boot look. They are one piece and not pliable so ankle movement is almost non-existent. I wish Asmus would always go with a two-piece design as they have with several of the Lord of the Rings figures (though not all). I’d give up perfect aesthetics for pose-ability any day. I realize there are costs involved there though.


So let’s talk about accessories!  Volume-wise it’s a nice amount, but quality-wise…wow! There’s some fantastic detail here especially in the array of weaponized arms.

There are four specialized arms or “Devil-Breakers” included; Overture, Gerbera, Punchline, and Buster, and one extra hand for the Overture arm. Overture has movable “fins” and very flexible fingers. The extra hand has extended “attack-position” fingers.
Aside from Buster, all of the hand parts are made from a flexible plastic that expands easily to hold a weapon. Buster’s claws are individually moveable for different attack positions.

The arms are magnetized and swap out easily. They all look very detailed and well-painted.

Nero also comes with a sword; The Red Queen, and the pistol “Blue Rose”. Both nicely detailed. Asmus occasionally does die-cast swords, but this hasn’t been the case with these giant video-game swords and as good as they may have looked – they’d never be able to hold them up.

The sword can be placed on his back via a small, magnetic holder that fits a couple of openings in the blade base area and will stick to his shoulder with the magnet.

Also included are three additional left human hands, a pendant/necklace, and a stand.



Nero is based on the new ADAM body from Asmus. This has been the base body for a couple of the other DMC figures. Like KP body (used for Vergil) the elbows are double-jointed and after a little break-in period (they were stiff at first) the shoulders have a wide range of motion. He has a decent ab crunch – ninety degrees forward and about forty-five degrees backward. The waist turns easily with the clothing here – nothing to hamper it. Ball-jointed hip joints go ninety degrees forward and sideways and forty-five backward but the knees, unfortunately, are not double-jointed but get a ninety-degree bend.


The neck seems to be the same as on Vergil, which I had a few issues with. It has a silicone/rubber covering over a neck join, but the width of the neck seems a bit too wide for the sculpt and the opening in it, which causes it to “bulge” out in some positions. Some poses look fine, but at some angles it’s noticeable.

Overall though, a very poseable figure.



Nero rings in at $235.  This is higher by $25-35 than the other “standard” versions of the DMC figures. He comes with more than Vergil ($195) did and the hands themselves are really nicely detailed. The Red Queen sword is not diecast as several of Asmus’ swords are, but in this case, that’s ok as he’d never be able to stand with a heavy sword on his back.




Like Vergil, the more I played around with this figure, the more I liked it. It’s got a very cool look that captures the character very well and the accessories add a lot of value and display options to the figure. It’s another great addition to this Devil May Cry line from Asmus.



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