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In our latest Behind the Shot feature, we’re joined by regular Exclu contributor Brian Rungkat aka @akirajo9 as he shares a quick look at his set-up on process on a recent “The Batman Who Laughs” shoot. It’s over to Brian from here as he shares his steps :


Equipment used:

Camera: Sony a7
Lens: Sony FE90mm f/2.8 macro G OSS
Figure: Customised “The Bat Who Laughs” figure utilising a Mezco One:12 body.
Accesories: gargoyles and a pillar diorama and TV as background
Lighting: an usb light coloured in red and two softbox light. 


The idea of this shot is to create a display of this particular version of Batman doing what Batman usually does, however with a different intent. Instead of watching over Gotham City, I wanted his pose to signal his intention to wreak havoc. First and foremost, I had to create a scene of a rooftop in Gotham city. 


So I made use of a couple of gargoyles that I have and set them up accordingly.

Then I added a few lights from below to highlight the gargoyles features as well as setting the overall light to a blue and green colour.

After messing with a few set-ups, I decided to take a test shot to see how the set up looks with the camera settings and the posing.  After taking a few more test shots and lighting adjustments, I am finally satisfied with the end result.


A huge thank you to Brian for sharing a quick look Behind the Shot in this article, proving that a simple set-up can lead to powerful results. If you have a Behind the Shot that you’d like to share, simply get in touch and your work could be featured here.

In the meantime, keep it locked to Exclu for all the latest news and previews from across the toy community.

Last modified: February 14, 2020

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