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We’re back with another Interview with a prominent member of the Toy Community in Jerry Kusjanto who is widely known by his handle @529_jay. Jerry talks us through his collection and also presents a brand new shot which he breaks down in a quick behind-the-scenes.

Part 1: Collecting

What does your collection comprise mainly of (Character / Brand / Manufacturer etc.)?

My collection is mostly comprised of 1/12 scale action figures mainly from Superhero lines of Marvel and DC like Bandai S.H.Figuarts, Mezco One:12Collective, Figma, and Medicom MAFEX. I also collect The Legend of Zelda action figures from Figma and Medicom Real Action Heroes.


When did you really start to get into collecting?

As soon as I started to earn money on my own, my first action figure I bought on my own was an Evangelion from Kaiyodo and I still have it mint in sealed box.


Were you surrounded by figures from a young age or has something more recent triggered it?

I was surrounded by figures from a young age, I was mainly influenced by American cartoons such as Mask, Thundercats, Silver Hawks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and GI Joe. My first figures were Mask vehicles like Rhino and Thunderbolt, too bad I don’t have those anymore, otherwise they’d fetch a great sum of money now

What are your Top 3 favourite items in your collection?

My top 3 faves in my collections are Mezco Punisher Fully Loaded, the Mezco Iron Man, and the S.H.Figuarts Thanos Infinity War.

What is that one Grail pieces that continues to elude you?

Mezco Shazam.

Which 3 items do you hope to add to your collection over the next year?

I’m hoping to track down the Mezco Shazam, Mezco Black Adam, and Mezco Superman Classic.

Part 2: Toy Photography 

How long have you actively been sharing your Toy Photography online?

I started taking photos of my toys in August 2017 using my iPhone and posted it up on my IG. They were bad! Then I found a toy community which helped me a lot in improving my skills as a toy photographer from posing my figures, having dioramas, understanding my camera. Terry Prayoga is the one who helped me improved a lot so I have him to thank for.

Our community is always growing – what advice would you give to those who always worry about having to be original in every shot?

It is human nature to want to be liked, to be popular, hence most of us hesitated or stressed when we get little likes. I’d advise to disregard those feeling, just post your current best and do not forget to seek advice, the community in general is too kind, they won’t give you advice to improve unless you ask for it.


If you like a particular artist, DM them and ask for their advice and technique. Most of the toy photographers are kind and willing to share the basics to let you start off right, the rest is up to you to experiment and learning by doing, there are plenty of youtube videos about photography in general which are applicable in toy photography as well, learn from them and the most important thing is to enjoy your hobby.

Do you like to use digital editing techniques or do you prefer to keep to practical methods?

My style is mostly practical with a bit of editing using iPhone application only. There are no right or wrong style, just do whatever suits you best.

What is your go to figure / line that you find yourself shooting above anything else in your collection?

I’ve been amazed with Mezco One:12Collective line as of late, their quality is amazing and the recent Gomez releases are just too fun!



What is your favourite thing about being an active member of the Social Media Toy Community?

I love sharing my work, and seeing others’ as i can learn a lot from them to improve myself.I’m also happy to share my knowledge to newbies alike as I’ve experienced it myself. Meeting new people from the community is also beneficial to expand our networking, and contributing to toy community platforms such as Exclu Magazine is awesome as I can share my work to a larger audience.

Part 02b. Toy Photography – Exclusive Image


For this Deep Dive article, my exclusive photo is also titled Deep Dive starring Spider-Man plunging from a building. I have never taken a picture of Spider-Man doing this move so I’d figure this is the right time to do it.

The figure is Spider-Man Classic from Mezco, I use backlighting in the windows of my diorama to make them lit, and the figure is held by a stand with the camera angle tilting up from below. I use Photofox to erase the stand and Snapseed to edit the tone to my liking. The Camera used is Sony Alpha 6000 with a Sony 1.8/35 mm lens.


A huge thank you to Jerry for chatting to us in another Deep Dive feature. Be sure to keep up-to date on all of his work via his Instagram page @529_jay and keep it locked to Exclu for more Community Deep Dive’s alongside the latest news and previews.

Last modified: January 28, 2020

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