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We are huge Classic Thundercats fans here at Exclu and the line is going through a period of increased popularity with nostalgia a strong current throughout popular culture right now. The team over at Iron Studios are big fans too and have started listing their 1:10 statues which combine to make a huge ensemble display and we’re going to be featuring them all on this page as they’re all listed for pre-order in-turn.

Each release is a standalone statue in its own right, but combined, they make an impressive Thundercats center-piece for any collection on Third Earth.

Award - Winning ART SCALE 1/10 Collection

WilyKit & WilyKat
When : Q3 2020
How Much : $149.99
Pre-Order HERE

The two youngsters of the group are the first to be previewed with the base of their statue featuring a light-up Thundercats logo with both characters depicted in their classic look. Its great to see the often over-looked duo feature with the central element of the ensemble statue with the LED logo and we’re excited to see what this looks like in-hand soon.

When : Q3 2020
How Much : $129.99
Pre-Order HERE

The second statue being showcased by Iron Studios is the lieutenant of the group in Tygra with his Bola weapon which is never far from his side. In his stand-alone statue he is perched atop a piece of rubble ready to spring forward and is a very strong piece in its own right, let alone as a piece of an eventual ensemble display.

When : Q3 2020
How Much : $129.99
Pre-Order HERE

Much like Tygra, the Cheetara release depicts the character with her classic Pole weapon in a confident stance atop the rubble diorama that connects all the characters together. This release will also retail for the $129.99 and again works just as well as a stand-alone statue as it does when combined with the other characters.


We can see that the primary focus of the ensemble is of course Lion-O and the Sword of Omens with faithful Snarf and we’ll have a closer look at that once Iron Studios makes it available alongside the Panthro release too! For now, here’s a look at the statues combined :


We’ll keep you updated right here as we learn more.

Source : Iron Studios

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Last modified: January 29, 2020

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