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Big Chief Studios, the UK-based 1/6th retailer and manufacturer, announced a new entry into its line of one-sixth Doctor Who figures.This time it’s the Fourth Doctor, as portrayed by the great Tom Baker in his final (18th) season clothing.

This final season outfit includes the maroon overcoat, paisley vest, maroon corduroy pants, light red and purple striped scarf, and maroon hat. Accessories include; sonic screwdriver (standard and extended), TARDIS key, telescope and, yes, a bag of Jelly Babies.

He also comes with an illuminated stand with a TARDIS control room graphic and TARDIS backdrop.

fourth-doctor-definitive-series-gallery-11 copy

The sculpts look much improved from the original release of the Fourth Doctor (in his – arguably – more popular grey coat/multi-colored scarf clothing) and both sculpts –  standard and smiling versions include a PERS-type moveable eye system which should be a nice addition! The sculpts are separate from the hair so you can swap out the “hat hair” and the standard full hair.

This figure is currently available as a “Signature Edition” – which includes a plaque hand-signed by Tom Baker, limited to 500 pieces worldwide. It’s unclear at the moment if there will be a non-signature edition. Price is £224.99 (roughly $298 US) for a limited time (regular MSRP £299.99), which considering the autograph is a pretty fair price and can be paid in full or in smaller payments over time through

Last modified: December 14, 2019

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