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ThreeZero have today taken to social media to share details on their upcoming 1:6 John Rambo from Rambo III alongside a full gallery of promotional images. Starting off, we know that this release is listed for $199 and is expected to ship in Q2 2020 and comes with a lot of accessories which is to be expected for the character.


From the promotional images, we can see a fairly competent head-sculpt of Sylvester Stallone and that ThreeZero have opted to use a part-seamless body for this release with the elbow joints being removed in favour of seamless material. Now this can in some-cases lead to creasing and irregular shaping when the arms are posed, particularly when holding a weapon but that doesn’t appear to be an issue within this images at-least.

Check out the full gallery and below that, a full breakdown of everything included with the release.



Rambo_po_v04_kRambo_po_v04_jRambo_po_v04_iRambo_po_v04_hRambo_po_v04_gRambo_po_v04_fRambo_po_v04_eRambo_po_v04_dRambo_po_v04_cRambo_po_v04_bRambo_po_v04_aRambo_Icon-600x600pxielRambo_Icon-600x600pxiel (1)

1/6th scale John Rambo collectible details:

  • 12 inches (~30cm) custom designed action figure body
  • The head sculpt features a realistic likeness of actor Sylvester Stallone
  • Black bandana
  • Jade pendant
  • Military jacket
  • Tank top
  • Military watch
  • Military pants
  • Belt
  • Boots
  • Military bag
  • Exchangeable hands
    • 1 pair of fists
    • 1 right holding gun
    • 1 left holding gun
    • 1 right holding knife
    • 1 left holding arrow
    • 1 right holding bow
  • Weapons:
    • Compound bow with quiver & 5 arrows
    • C4 explosive x 1
    • Boot dagger x 1
    • Survival knife with sheath x 1
    • AK with M203 grenade launcher
    • RPG-7 launcher

Let us know your thoughts on this guy down in the comments below and whether you’ll be looking to pick him up when pre-orders open on November 22nd.

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Last modified: November 19, 2019

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