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We kick off the week with a deep dive into a recent Portrait series from Alex aka @blackpooltoys as he walks us through his 1:6 Defenders shoots featuring Matt Murdock, Danny Rand, Jessica Jones & Luke Cage. Alex takes it from here :

I’ve been a comic book reader and a Marvel fan for the past 30 years and it actually taught me both drawing and how to speak English (as I’m actually from France) and as a kid, it quickly pushed me into collecting figures to create my own stories.


Growing older, I started collecting higher-end figures, extending my collection into global Pop Culture but keeping a special interest in Marvel heroes, even more so when the Marvel Cinematic Universe was initiated. Photography seemed more and more logical in my wishes to recreate movie sequences and comics scenes, and I had worked many years on developing my skills in Adobe Photoshop, so I naturally jumped from comic drawing and colouring to photography and digital editing.

The edits throughout this article were done recently compared to the release of the shows simply because it took me a while to assemble the full team, but they are all based on the Marvel/Netflix show “The Defenders” which was a crossover story produced shortly after the shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the Iron Fist.


The Daredevil/Matt Murdock (as portrayed by Charlie Cox) is a recent release from Soosootoys (SST013 – Hero Lawyer), Iron Fist/Danny Rand is an earlier release from the same company (SST008 – Iron Warrior). Luke Cage is a recent figure made by ToyWorks (TWS-008 Black Steel) but I swapped the base body for a more muscular version to have a better accuracy with the original character and actor. Jessica Jones is custom made from parts I gathered here and there from various online stores and eBay sellers.

The idea behind these edits was to recreate the ambiance of the TV show’s opening credit where each character’s portrait comes out of a Manhattan map pixel-after-pixel, each character being identified with his most iconic colour, red for Daredevil, yellow for Luke Cage, green for Iron Fist, and blue for Jessica Jones.

The opening theme contains a  very dramatic soundtrack and I tried to poses each figure in ways that would reflect this ambiance of seriousness and gravity. I feel like it’s a very strong signature of those Netflix/Marvel shows and I tried to keep it as much as I could.


While overlaying a Manhattan map over my pictures I also took special attention to choose a specific area of the map linked to the character’s background or iconic places from the show, Hell’s Kitchen for Daredevil, Midtown for Jessica Jones and the business centre for Danny Rand and Harlem for Luke Cage. Thanks for checking out my works!

A big thank you to Alex for sharing a great in-depth look at this new Defenders series so be sure to keep up-to-date on all of his works over on Instagram via @blackpooltoys. In the meantime, keep it locked to Exclu for all the latest news and previews from across the community.

This article contains third-party figures that are based on known characters and licenses but are not “officially” tied to these.

Last modified: November 18, 2019

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