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For the love of light : Kitchen Tools Part 01.

A while ago, I was lucky enough to win a pack of Atmosphere Aerosol cans from the Exclu Word of the Month contest. I was happy about the win, but I was really excited to experiment with the haze. I tried it out with a bunch of different subjects in various locations and with a range of modifiers. This experimental play led me down the path of weird and unusual light modifiers. Some worked, some did not. Since a few of my favourite modifiers came right out of my kitchen my sister’s kitchen, I thought I’d share a series of short posts describing what items I used and how I used them.


The essential components: Noodle strainer, Lume Cube, Atmosphere Aerosol, Gels, Wu


I wanted light pillars behind Wu. Sure, I could grab some cardstock and punch a bunch of holes in it, but I’m lazy efficient, so I just “borrowed” a noodle strainer basket from a sibling’s kitchen. I placed a Lume Cube with a gel in it, added Wu on top, used a glitter background (ew, never again), added a second Lume Cube on a small tripod for a bit of white light on my subject and hit the scene with Atmosphere Aerosol. Easy.


The Set up


  • Notice that the Lume Cube in the strainer is tilted a little. This will obviously light the background, and it will keep the green light off of Wu.
  • The gel is taped down to the light on two sides. The tape will keep it in place when spraying the Atmosphere Aerosol -I usually go a bit too far with the Atmo 🙂
  • I shot this at f /4.5 to blur the glitter background and get the little bokeh hexagons.



Part 2 of the Kitchen Tools Edition is coming soon. I  need to decide if I should be Doctor Strange or Doctor Who related.

Do you have a favourite or weird light modifier? I’d love to see it in action. Tag me on Instagram @JesseeSolo or tell us about it in the comments below.

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Last modified: November 4, 2019

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