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One of the wonders about Hot Toys Secret Base is they gift us with a closer look at the latest upcoming releases and previews of just-revealed prototypes and they’ve now shared a closer look at several of the upcoming Spider-Man Cosbaby releases.

The figures are from various sources including Far From Home & Into The Spider-Verse but the most expansive line is based on the hugely popular Spider-Man PS4 game and the many various iterations of the Spidey Suit available in that game. Check them all out below :



Spider-Man : Far From Home

COSB629 – Spider-Man Cosbaby
COSB630 – Spider-Man (Wall Crawling Version)
COSB631 – Spider-Man (Web Swinging Version) 
COSB634 – Spider-Man & Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) Set

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Cosbaby 系列COSB635 – Miles Morales Cosbaby
COSB636 – Miles Morales (Hooded Version) Cosbaby
COSB637 – Spider-Gwen Cosbaby
COSB638 – Peter B. Parker Cosbaby
COSB639 – Spider-Ham Cosbaby
COSB640 – Spider-Man Noir Cosbaby

Marvel’s Spider-Man

COSB617 – Spider-Man (Anti-Ock Suit) Cosbaby
COSB618 – Spider-Man (Velocity Suit) Cosbaby
COSB619 – Spider-Man (Negative Suit) Cosbaby
COSB620 – Spider-Man (Scarlet Spider Suit) Cosbaby
COSB621 – Spider-Man (Fear Itself Suit) Cosbaby
COSB622 – Spider-Man (Spirit Spider Suit) Cosbaby
COSB623 – Spider-Man (Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit) Cosbaby
COSB624 – Spider-Man (Iron Spider Armor Suit) Cosbaby


Let us know your thoughts on these guys and whether you’re a big fan of this line like we are, down in the comments below. Keep it locked to Exclu for more of the latest news and previews from across the community.

Original images courtesy of Hot Toys Secret Base.

Last modified: October 18, 2019

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