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When both Hasbro and Bandai released their cinematic versions of Captain Marvel, a lot of collectors were not happy with the unmasked heads that came with the figures. They missed the mark on nailing the likeness to Brie Larson who played the title character in the movie. Fret not, the guys from Oldboy CTTS have just announced pre-orders for their Avengers Endgame Captain Marvel head.  Stated below is the extract from their Facebook page pertaining to the details of the pre-order :-

Meticulously sculpted and fully painted 1/12 scale sculpt with custom sized neck fitting to fit your favorite action figures. One twelve scale head sculpts with the highest paint application quality. Our heads go fully painted as shown in the promo pictures. These customized head sculpts will definitely lift the look of your action figures and create amazing photos!

Pre-order Information: 

As with all our projects, we produce only one batch in very limited quantities. This allows us to move on to work on new projects every month and keep things fresh.
Pre-order Deadline: 20th October

Estimated Shipping: 25th-29th November

This is a pre-order item, which means we’ll need time to produce the batch. We thank you for your support and patience!

Fitting Notes 

  • Neck hole will only fit ML or SHF body as shown in pics.
  • Fitting on other figs may not be proportionate or would require further modifications
  • Figure(s) shown are not included.





I’m leaning towards the Marvel Legends version of the headsculpt and I also love the fact that they repainted the body as well which makes it more movie accurate. Bear in mind though that figures are not included. Only the headsculpts are up for sale. So, which one would you guys pick up? Both? Do share your thoughts below.

All images are sourced from the Facebook page of Oldboy CTTS. For all the latest news and previews from across the community, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: October 7, 2019

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