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Hasbro have announced that their enormous Transformers Unicron figure has reached its 8,000 backer target and will officially enter production. It was looking a little dicey towards the end there as the amount of socials posts ratcheted up as they look to get last minute backers on board, but for those invested from the start then this is most welcome news.


This marks another successful crowdfunding project for the HasLab following on from the Star Wars Vintage Collection Jabba’s Sailbarge and is becoming a trend within the community for companies to make more niche figures and sets.

At the time of writing, the backer count sits at 8,534 with 13 hours left on the clock for any last minute backers to get on-board.

You can find out more info direct from Hasbro here : Hasbro HasLab


Let us know your thoughts on this guy down in the comments and whether you are one of the 8000+ people who will be adding this guy into their collections when he eventually ships!

Original images courtesy of Hasbro.

Last modified: October 6, 2019

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