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I recently had the chance to shoot DiD Corp’s  Chicago Gangster 3.0 Michael figure. There are actually two versions of the figure, the standard (T80128) and Deluxe version (T80128S).

Both feature the same likeness of Michael Corleone from, Godfather II (looks more like II to me, but it could be the end of Part I as well), the difference being the clothing and the accessories.


The standard version is dressed in the clothing seen at the beginning of Part II; the grey dupioni silk suit, and comes with a set of flexible, wired hands, a set of gripping hands, a revolver, watch, ring, cigarette, and six bullets.



The deluxe version is dressed in a tuxedo and comes packed with a slew of accessories. Including an ornate chair, sidetable, metal floor lamp with fabric shade, candelstick phone, vase with fabric roses, coffee cup, saucer and spoon, ring, watch, cigarette, a longer, pistol-type revolver, six bullets and a french bulldog!


While I’m not sure all of these items were in the movie, they are great looking, well-made props and, for the most part, fit the look/mood of the film.


You can pick them both up at the following resellers, among others:

Thanks to DiD for providing the figure for this article.

Last modified: September 23, 2019

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