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Hot Toys Photoblogger & Exclu Columnist Alex Brooks (@bg_toyart) is usually hard at work on the many various One:Sixth figures from Hot Toys with pretty awesome results. However, he’s found himself with a bit of free time and has such, turned his sights to the Marvel Legends Classic Iron Man which has just released to create a brand new series of shots that pay homage to the hugely respected artwork of Alex Ross.


We caught up with Alex as he explains the thoughts behind this new series :

“I’ll admit I’ve never been into comics but I’ve always been fascinated by the art that goes into making them. Alex Ross is amongst the best comic artists, in my opinion, and I admire his character designs – especially Iron Man. When I saw that Hasbro had released a figure in the style of Alex’s work I knew I wanted to photograph it! 

My goal was to pay homage to some of my favourite Alex Ross art. To create my images I combined multiple exposures and took the decision to edit out the joints. Reason being is that I love the seamless look of the character design and wanted to maintain that. The ripped fuselage was created using high-res riveted metal textures and for the shot with Iron Man stepping through blasted rocks I used my Tamashii Nations Impact diorama.

This won’t be the last you’ll see of this character from me, I want to do plenty more!”


Let us know your thoughts on both this new Iron Man figure and also the artwork that Alex has produced alongside it down in the comments below. A big shoutout also to Alex for sharing this insight with us so be sure to check out more of his work via his handle @bg_toyart

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Last modified: September 4, 2019

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