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[UPDATE] – We now have new information on the availability of these figures with them reportedly being found in Smyths Toy SuperStores here in the UK alongside the previously reported Tesco. Original story follows below :

Some surreal Marvel Legends news to start the week as not only do we have new packaging and a steal launch but it’s all happened right here in our own back yard in the UK. Hasbro have released 6 Re-Packaged MCU Marvel Legends figures in the form of a blister back , doing away with their chunkier box design. Now these figures inside are minus the BAF they would usually come with, but are for all intents and purposes, the same base figure and accessories.

The figure’s released in this initial wave are :

  • Avengers : Infinity War – Iron Man Mk.50
  • Avengers : Infinity War – Black Panther
  • Avengers : Endgame – Captain America (Quantum Suit)
  • Spider-Man : Far From Home – Spider-Man Upgrade Suit
  • Spider-Man : Far From Home – Spider-Man Stealth Suit
  • Captain Marvel – Red & Blue Suit

These are already available nationwide in the larger Tesco stores for £14.99 and we’re really intrigued to hear your thoughts on this take on the packaging and the reasons behind it. Could you see Hasbro adopt this new style of blister packaging and if so, would you be happy with that?


Personally, I love having the option to take my figures out of their box to display and then pop them back in without damaging the packaging as I consider it part of the product (especially when designed well and if they display well together). It’s worth noting that we have seen this happen before in a very similar way with Hasbro’s The Black Series which released a special 4-Pack of figures that were only available in that pack over in Mexico and is not a sought after collectors piece.


Courtesy of BobaFettFanClub.com

It’s extremely interesting to guess as to why Hasbro have decided to go down this route for the UK and whether its a test bed for future changes or if its simply a product of localisation. Tesco stores are largely grocery products and not somewhere you’d go to look for figures but in recent years they have been acquiring exclusive Funko Pop!’s so maybe this is the next step up from that?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below and we’ll be picking this topic up again on our Exclu Show on YouTube at the end of the week so be sure to check that out and see if we pick up on your comment!

Last modified: September 6, 2019

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