Fourhorsemen Toy Design – the company behind the fantastic Mythic Legions line of figures – doesn’t attend San Diego Comic-Con regularly. Instead, they hold their own convention, complete with new figure reveals they call G-Con. Named after the FHM founders’ friend and former colleague, George, G-Con is held in the offices of Four Horsemen every year. This year, they were nice enough to invite me there to do an interview and talk about toy photography (you can view it on FourHorseMen FB page) and better yet, get some hands-on with the next wave of figures!


This new wave, called “Arethyr” after the main antagonist (or protagonist depending on your point of view) – he of the blazing head and body as seen above, is even more exciting for the newest addition to the line: horses! That’s right, your heroes and villains will now have a means of traveling the vast reaches of Mythoss to beat the hell out of each other.

The fiery steed of the aforementioned Arethyr, Aethon was teased last year, but not much was known of the articulation. Lead designer and co-founder Eric Treadway went into more detail this year and spoke about the design decisions while revealing a standard-looking horse, Balius:


In addition to horses, eight new ML figures were introduced, these include three human characters (presumedly); Hadriana, Magnus, and a Red Shield Soldier. All three with red/gold color schemes similar to the upcoming (and NJ Toy Con pre-released) Faustia, and I believe belong to the Army of Leodysseus Faction.


A great new bog goblin figure, Helphyre, this time in a red/purple scheme comes with two swappable tounges and two facial expressions (as a side note, the guys mentioned the possibility of separate head sculpt packs in the future – likely with different expressions for established characters). This little dude looks incredible!

Continuing in the red theme, Belphegorr is a massive-looking demon with an all-new demon-skull look head sculpt. He’ll make a nice pairing with the blue (not red!) “lesser” demon, Malepharr who is based on the goblin buck with a new sculpt, hooves, and a set of smaller demon wings.

Rounding out the supporting cast is Vortogg, an orc (who doesn’t need more orcs!) with an all-new bearded sculpt – which looks great, new pauldrons, and for the first time, layered fur under the hip plate-mail.

Both Vortogg and Belphegorr come with new hand positions as well. These new shapes and several others are part of a nice surprise to the line with this wave; hand a foot sets! You’ll now have multiple hand positions to use on your male human and orc figures (for now, more sets in the future). Anyone with a little painting talent could, of course, change these up for several figures in the line. Presumably, female hands will be coming as well (I’d love me some skeleton hands too, guys!)


The star of this wave, however, and the one that lends his name to the wave, is Arethyr. This guy and his matching mount are straight off of a Heavy Metal cover.  Translucent, flaming head and sword, and fire-colored body wrapped in some incredible armor pieces featuring demon skulls that will melt your mind – even if the heat coming from him doesn’t! He also sports some big, matching “demon wings” that spread and contract.

Additionally, you can buy some red and blue demon wings to fit any character in the line via the back wing adaptors that come with every figure.

All-in-all, this was a great G-Con wave reveal that opens up a fun new direction for Mythic Legions collectors, those just getting into the line, and anyone who needs some fantastic horses!

The entire wave can be purchased right now and for the next two months at

Last modified: July 29, 2019

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