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Asmus Toys have revealed a full look at their upcoming 1:6 King Theoden which they’ve teased a few times on their social media. The figure, at least from this preview, looks to be one of the most detailed from their Lord Of The Rings line. The figure will for $200 with a slated shipping date of August 2019.


Full product release info from Asmus :

The THÉODEN Sixth Scaled Figure features:
Authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Théoden from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
• Asmus Toys  KP+ 1.0 male body
• Approximately 30 cm tall
• Over 32 points of articulation
• One pair of relaxed posture hands
• One pair of weapon holding hands
• One pair of fist posture hands
Special features on Clothing:
• One pair of dark red sleeved blazer
. One pair of green pattern collar blazer
• One pair of long underpants
Special features in armor:
• One Théoden’s helmet
• One full body armor including shoulder pieces
• One pair of forearm band
• One pair of fish-scaled armor skirt
• One pair of calf piece
• One pair of braced boots (enhanced ankle joint)
Special features in weapons:
• One Herugrim (die-cast)
• One sheath including belt
• One Théoden’s shield
• One Asmus Toys figure stand

You can also check out our full review of the Arwen 1:6 via the graphic below 


Let us know your thoughts on Theoden down in the comments below and stay tuned for more hands-on coverage from across the Asmus LOTR line right here on

Original images courtesy of Asmus Toys.


Last modified: July 12, 2019

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