As a former menswear designer for brands such as Converse and John Varvatos, Chris Pin knows a thing or two about fashion. The knowledge he gained working for those high-end brands inspired him to want to try his own line of streetwear. But the fashion world is a tough one to break through for a young designer. While working toward this goal, Chris was inspired by architectural models – small samples of clothing – and started making sixth-scale versions of the clothing he wanted to design for his menswear line. He showed these to friends and family who loved these tiny accessories, and Haute Hero, his brand of sixth-scale clothing, was born.

I came to know Chris’ work through some custom clothing sets he made for a couple of Star Wars figures. He got into the world of 1/6th customs by way of a friend asking him to make an outfit for one of his collectibles. Prior to this, he was unaware of the desire for quality clothing for these figures and it opened his eyes to more possibilities within the scale.

Chris’ vision for Haute Hero is to merge the worlds of toy collectors and streetwear enthusiasts and to forge a new kind of collectible. Of course, the Haute Hero collection would also be right at home on some pop culture figures as well (I could see a lot of great uses for those kicks!). His work has been featured in Business Insider, Asia Trend, and several television shows throughout the world. Even Jon Chu, director of Crazy Rich Asians has tweeted about his work!

Chris makes every one of these pieces by hand. I’ve personally seen his work up close and I can tell you the quality of the craftsmanship is amazing! Every detail, right down to the eyelets and laces on the sneakers is there, and the leather bags are beautiful.

If you want to know more about Haute Hero, visit the site, and to get some of this incredible stuff at a great price – back his Kickstarter campaign!



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Last modified: July 3, 2019

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