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Asmus Toys’ recently revealed – and amazing-looking – Gandalf the Grey, their first release under the new high-end line “Crown Series” is now up for pre-order. The sculpt is the selling point here with full “rooted” (or glued) hair and, from the looks of it, a PERS-type moveable eye system.

The retail price of $350 took some people by surprise – from both ends of the opinion spectrum. Those more accustomed to Hot Toys pricing might be a bit shocked, while many of those in the customs world were pleasantly surprised by the price for the quality of the hair work being shown.

In an unusual move, Asmus did not release full details of the figure; accessories, clothing upgrades, etc. before launching pre-orders. The images shown seem to feature the same clothing from the original release. From the looks of it, though, many are convinced by the sculpt alone and are diving in.

We’re waiting for a response from Asmus as to whether or not the sculpt will be available separately to those who purchased the previous version of Gandalf. This is something Asmus would do for sculpt upgrades in the past, so we’ll wait and see with fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Asmus has stated they they are working on offering a seperate sculptfor previous owners. Price is not set yet, but they are aiming at $50 – which I would be suprised at to be honest, but let’s hope!

Asmus has also released a few new images including new hands.

Last modified: June 24, 2019

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