Many months of teasing of a new Gandalf sculpt has culminated with Asmus Toys announcing a new, highly detailed line of figures they’re calling the “Crown Series”. At first glance, this looks to be their version of Hot Toys “DX” figures, but further explanation sets them apart from that comparison.

Unlike DX, these won’t just be packed with accessories or features like PERS, these will be brand new sculpts by top artists hand painted by production artists taught by the prototype painter or even painted by that artist themselves! If you’ve read any of my reviews of their products you know Asmus’ clothing is already very high-quality, if even more detail and care is put into them for this line, they will truly be works of art.

Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White will be the first two figures in this line and will be debuting at SDCC 2019. No word yet on the availability of separate headsculpts for those who already own Gandalf, but knowing Asmus, this is likely.

The sculptor for Gandalf, Shand, shared an image that has been floating around out there with rumors flying confirming this is the new Gandalf.

From their Facebook page:
Asmus toys is very excited to announce the launch of our brand new, top graded product line – Asmus’ Crown series.

The project of Crown series has been prepared for over two years, during the time, we have gathered experiences and feedback based on the artists and factories to test the roof of our productivity, to see if we are ready to make something that will be worthy the crown. At last, everything is ready in place to begin.

The Crown series will be the ultimate integration of art and mass production, there will be skills that may only be applied by the hand of an artist, which will be personally taught to the production line, or even operated by the artist him/herself on the final product.

Every detail in The Crown series will be made into the finest detail, there will be no more compromise to mass production or cost, the demand for quality will be above all.

The Crown series will be the dedication to the fans who has been support Asmus over the 10 years, and we wish this will be a milestone to the next generation of collectible.

First in the list of the Crown will be Gandalf the Grey followed by Gandalf the White. Please stay tuned in for our debut in SDCC 2019 taking place on 17th July.


Exclucollective will be at SDCC ’19 and we’ll be sure to keep you informed on this and other developments through then.

Last modified: June 18, 2019

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