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Ever since we first saw a glimpse of “The Gunslinger” from LIMToys, we have been hugely excited to see it’s final preview and we now have just that and it looks to be a truly competent release. Of course, modelled after the main character of the second entry in a certain Wild West Video-game franchise, the loose likeness here is pretty spot on and is enough to appease fans who have been looking for something to scratch their Cowboy itch.

There is a special release variant for this figure too which comes packed with an additional “Mid-Beard” head-sculpt too alongside everything else from the base release. The manufacturers release date is slated for Q4 2019 and is priced at $184.99 for the base figure & $214.99 for the additional head-sculpt release.

We’ve sourced all of our info for this Pre-Order from OneSixthOutFitters so you should check them out for a variety of pre-orders from brands both big and small.


Product Description:

The 1/6th scale Gunslinger Collectible Figure specially features:

  • One (1) head sculpt without beard
  • One (1) head sculpt with long beard
  • Three (3) pieces of interchangeable magnetic hair pieces
  • Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable normal hands
  • Four (4) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands
  • One (1) 1/6 scale articulated body


  • One (1) hat
  • One (1) scarf
  • One (1) Winter coat
  • One (1) Yellow jacket
  • One (1) Blue stripe shirt
  • One (1) pair of pants
  • One (1) pair of boots
  • One (1) mask
  • One (1) holster
  • One (1) sub-holster
  • One (1) knife pouch
  • One (1) belt
  • One (1) ammo belt

Weapons & Accessories:

  • Two (2) revolver
  • Two (2) shot gun
  • One (1) rifle
  • One (1) flower
  • One (1) knife
  • One (1) throwing knife
  • One (1) diary
  • One (1) potion
  • One (1) Deputy sheriff badge
  • One (1) watch
  • One (1) LED light up lamp
  • One (1) coffee tin
  • One (1) cup
  • One (1) camp gear
  • One (1) charcoal pile
  • Seven (7) Red dynamite
  • Two (2) Yellow dynamite
  • One (1) fire bottle
  • One (1) bow
  • One (1) arrow
  • One (1) rope
  • Two (2) removeable spur
  • One (1) satchel
  • One (1) terrain display base

**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.
**Product details are subject to change without further notice.


This release does have a sense of perhaps being too good to be true with a boat load of accessories and a well tooled diorama base for the figure to be displayed on but only time will tell as to the quality of the final release and whether it matches up to the well valued price point. We’ll look to keep you posted on this and have it in-hand when it drops at the end of the year.

Stay tuned to Exclu for all the latest news and previews.

Last modified: May 27, 2019

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