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Over on Instagram, @hasbropulse, the official fan channel for Hasbro have revealed the next set of figures making up the Avengers Endgame Marvel Legends Wave 2 and the new BAF, Hulk.

Marvel Legends Series Avengers Endgame – Rescue
$19.99 / £18.99

From CEO of Stark Industries to powered by Stark Tech, Pepper Potts protects world order in her own Rescue Suit designed by Tony Stark.

Includes: figure, 2 accessories, and Build-A-Figure part.

Marvel Legends Series Avengers Endgame – War Machine
$19.99 / £18.99

When the fate of humankind is at stake, there is no mission too great for U.S. military officer James “rhodey” Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine.

Includes: figure and 3 accessories.

Marvel Legends Series Avengers Infinity War – Shuri
$19.99 / £18.99

The mastermind behind some of Wakanda’s most advanced technologies, Shuri designs and distributes Vibranium-powered gear to Wakanda’s greatest warriors and allies.

Includes: figure, 2 accessories, and Build-A-Figure part.

Marvel Legends Series – Rock Python
$19.99 / £18.99

A mercenary working out of Africa, M’Gula adopts the name Rock Python and joins the slithering villain enterprise known as Serpent Society.

Includes: figure and Build-A-Figure part.

Marvel Legends Series – Union Jack
$19.99 / £18.99

Union Jack is a British operative, spy, and master of hand-to-hand combat embroiled in the world of European politics.

Includes: figure, 2 accessories, and Build-A-Figure part.

Marvel Legends Series – Beta Ray Bill
$19.99 / £18.99

After being released from suspended animation, Beta Ray Bill is transformed by a mystical enchantment on Mjolnir that grants him the powers and costume of Thor.

Includes: figure, accessory, and 2 Build-A-Figure parts.

Marvel Legends Series – Loki
$19.99 / £18.99

A devilish trickster, Loki uses whatever means necessary to give himself power and has little regard for what side of so-called justice he stands on.

Includes: figure, accessory, and Build-A-Figure part.

Theres a nice mix here with some fan favourites in Beta Ray Bill and Shuri and the usual odd choice in Rock Python as Hasbro continue assembling the Serpent Society. I would have loved to have seen a full MCU wave as there’s so many characters from the film that deserve an updated figure.

Pre-Orders are live NOW so check out your usual Legends pick-up platform to reserve yours with an expected shipping date of 1st of July. Be sure to let us know which figure you’re most excited about down in the comments below and as ever stay tuned to Exclu for all the latest news and previews.

Original images courtesy of Hasbro.

Last modified: May 10, 2019

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