We wondered if it might happen and apparently, it is – and it has – with Hot Toys announcement of the Tony Stark: Avengers Team Suit figure.

The suits used by the remaining Avengers to travel the Quantum Realm to bring back the Infinity Stones. Based on the work of Hank Pym’s AntMan armor, but modified by the technical skills of Mr. Stark himself, the suit bears a lot of resemblance to its precursor.


Not a lot of accessories included here, just two sets of hands, a stand and, with Tony anyway, his damaged Iron Man Mark L helmet. It does, however, include both helmeted and unhelmeted sculpts. This looks like the same Tony sculpt also included with the Mark LXXXV.

With this release and the teaser in the pre-release images, we assume that at least Cap/Steve Rogers will also be released in this suit, but I’d be surprised if all the Avengers were as well (then again, I wouldn’t put it past HT to go for the cash-in here).

No price yet, but I’d guess somewhere in the $230 range and it should be up for pre-order  very soon.


Last modified: May 9, 2019

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