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It was a long wait for my Mezco Ironman to arrive at my doorsteps. Most of you would have read and seen reviews of this figure on the internet and also Youtube. So I’m not gonna bother going through what’s in the box but I’ve prepared a slew of new shots for your viewing pleasure and also share some thoughts on this figure from a toy photographer’s point of view.


First off, let me just say that I simply love the classic design of this Ironman figure. Mezco has done a great job bringing a modern take to the classic design of Ironman from the Marvel comics, specifically during the 80s. With the just recent release of Avengers : Endgame, you would probably noticed that the design of the MCU Ironman Mark 85 armor was also based on the classic look of the comic book Ironman from the 80s. This figure is made of die-cast metal and has a weight to it. This would be Mezco’s first attempt at creating a non-clothed action figure and they hit it out of the park with this one. There are also two other versions of this figure but I prefer this red and gold design to the other two.


I simply adore the light up feature of this figure. The light on the arc reactor was bright enough to be captured on camera. You can really see it glow when you dial up the ISO to 200 but as with all Mezco’s releases, my unit had a bit of an issue with the light up feature. The light was not working consistently, there are times where it just won’t light up. I am not sure if this is an isolated case or are there any of you out there who have this problem as well? Do share by commenting below.


Articulations wise, you can get this figure into decent flight and action poses. Mezco figures scales well with the 1:12 figures from other lines such as Ultron from Marvel Legends and also Hulk from SH Figurarts as you can see from my shots below:-

Last but not least, the Oldboy CTTS Tony Stark headsculpt makes a perfect companion to this Mezco Ironman. The head was sculpted based on the Mezco Dr Strange figure and the team made some facial changes to it. This next series of shots are based on that headsculpt and the story behind this series is to have Tony powering up the suit with his laptop.



Overall, I give this figure a 9/10 rating on the fun factor. I had a great time setting up these exclusive shots for you guys and I would highly recommend getting the red and gold version of this figure because it is a regular release and you don’t have to pay bloated after market price for it. Let me know what you think of the figure and also these shots by commenting below.

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Last modified: May 7, 2019

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