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An Exclu Review by TJ Frye (@capesandrifles)

“It’s nanotech. Do you like it?”

One of the things I look forward to the most when a new Iron Man and Avengers movie comes out is seeing the latest iteration of the Iron Man armor. When I first saw Tony suit up in the Mark L I was certainly not disappointed. Being an avid Hot Toys collector I was looking forward to seeing how the armor translated into a sixth scale figure. I couldn’t resist the urge to pick this up from Hong Kong before it hit Sideshow so I thought I’d share my thoughts on this Iron Man figure with you all.


  • One (1) Sixth Scale Diecast Iron Man MK L from Avengers: Infinity War
  • One (1) LED Lit Helmeted Head with batteries
  • One (1) Tony Stark Headsculpt
  • One (1) Pair of fists
  • One (1) Pair of open hands with articulated fingers
  • One (1) Pair of repulsor blast open hands
  • One (1) LED lit Nano Repulsor cannon for the right arm
  • One (1) Smaller cannon for the left arm
  • One (1) Set of Nano Boosters
  • One (1) Neck collar for unmasked sculpt
  • One (1) Avengers: Infinity War themed figure stand with waist grabber



Let’s start with the helmeted sculpt before the unmasked Tony Stark head. Here we get a very true to the movie MK L helmet that has an LED light up function. The batteries, as usual, can be tricky to install without the use of pliers that Hot Toys is nice enough to provide you with. It might be just me but I find this helmet to be the sleekest of all the armors.

Now for the unmasked Tony Stark head. This is sadly just a repaint of the same head that came with the MK 46 and 47. I was very excited for the figure but when the blogger photos came out and I saw what the unmasked head looked like I was disappointed. A very strong argument can be made that the Tony we saw in Infinity War sported a different look than the Tony we saw in Captain America: Civil War. Don’t get me wrong – this is still a fantastic sculpt. But we really should have gotten a new one with the MK L.




The paint application here is excellent and on par with the Hot Toys standard. You get the battle damage marks that have been a consistent part of Iron Man figures for several releases now. Personally I would have preferred a cleaner look to the armor and gotten a battle damaged chest plate and face plate instead. But this thing looks great. Some collectors focus solely on Iron Man and it’s easy to see why with releases like this.





Thirty points (or more) of articulation seems to be the norm for Iron Man. If you’ve owned one of these diecast figured before you should expect more of the same. But this time Hot Toys decided to do us right by adding bicep armor that you can move up when raising the arms. It’s a neat little piece of new engineering that gives collectors (and us toy photographers) more options when posing. The shoulder armor is also articulated and can be brought in a way that reduces the unsightly seams between shoulder and chest. When placed in a museum pose with the shoulder armor closed into the chest armor this thing looks as sleek as can be.



Unless I am mistaken I think this was the first diecast Iron man that went over the $400 mark. I wasn’t entirely shocked by the price increase but when I found out that Hot Toys was releasing a separate accessory pack for the same cost as a non-diecast figure I may have screamed some expletives in their general direction. The repulsor, cannon, and nano boosters are nice but a couple more would have made the cost easier to swallow for a lot of us collectors.




With the exception of my gripes about the repainted Tony Stark head and lack of accessories this is an amazing Iron Man figure. I’d give this a perfect 10/10 because I’m holding out hope that Hot Toys can one day engineer and Iron man figure with smaller gaps between the thigh and torso. This is to date my favorite Iron Man armor. At the time of this writing I have to say that I just saw Endgame but still prefer this armor to the new MK 85.



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Last modified: April 28, 2019

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