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In conjunction with the release of Avengers Endgame this week (NO SPOILERS HERE), I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and shoot some Endgame inspired shots. So, here I am sharing a mini behind the scenes look at how I set up a shot featuring Thanos and Captain Marvel. I wanted to set up a scene where a confrontation were happening between the Mad Titan and Carol Danvers. I guess everyone would be looking forward to this scene in the movie.

There have been so many versions of a confrontation between these two where we see Captain Marvel kicking the living daylights out of Thanos. I didn’t want to go that route,  I wanted it staged in such a way that it wasn’t an easy fight between Carol and Thanos. Thanos wasn’t about to go down that easily. After all, he has all the Infinity Stones right?  So this is a scene where we see Captain Marvel has taken quite the beating from Thanos but she is not down and out yet, there is still some fight in her. The recently released SH Figurarts Captain Marvel and Thanos were used for this shot.


So, here’s how I set up my lighting for this shot. I have my Yongnuo YN300 III Pro LED video light shining down from the top over the two figures. Next, I placed my Xiaomi Yeelight to the left side of Thanos. The great thing about these Xiaomi Yeelights are that they are multi-colored bulbs and you can change the colors to your heart’s desire. I used a total of two Yeelights for this shot. I wanted an amber colored light on the left side of Thanos and a blue color highlight at the bottom right hand side of him.


Next, I wanted some smoke or fog type of effect in this shot. Now, we don’t get those fancy Atmosphere Aerosol that you guys have over in the US. So, in order to create that sort of effect, I placed another LED light at the bottom of the figures. You can see from the picture above, I had the light near to my camera and the result was quite fascinating.  Check out my camera settings below and ISO was set to 100, I played around with the F-Stop and shutter speed to get the perfect effect that I wanted on the final shot.


The two shots below are the end result of the way I set up the lighting and my camera settings. Post editing was done using the Lightroom app on my iPhone X. I hope you guys enjoyed my sharing of this behind the scenes and do stay tuned to Exclu for more tips and tutorials from some of the finest talents in the toy photography community.


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Last modified: April 27, 2019

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