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The 2018 movie “Black Panther” was probably one of the most surprising successes of the MCU and critics all over the world loved the movie. Personally it’s not one of favorite Marvel movies (I still like it) and I needed a few attempts to watch it. So why did I buy a side character of that movie as a 1/6th scale figure?

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Well, what I really liked about “Black Panther” is the visual aesthetic and design of the costumes. And to me the outfit of the King T’Challa is simply outstanding. In fact its the perfect combination of the traditional African style with high technology aspects – simply Wakanda at its best!

The figure is very limited when it comes to the accessories – six hands and a Kimoyo Beads bracelet making it very disappointing for an exclusive release.

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What really stands out however is the design of the figure! The fine black and gold coloured battle suit with great textures and black capri pants. The purple-colored Wakandan tribe sash with waistlet is a sweet addition to add that extra touch of Wakandan culture. The instruction sheet says it’s not removable but if you’re able to handle some tiny knots it IS removable.

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I’m glad I decided to get T’Chaka as 1/6th version because the presence of him is quite impressing. Maybe Black Panther is slightly overrated as a film but one thing is for sure:

The Hot Toys T’Chaka is underrated!


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Last modified: April 23, 2019

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